During my first graduation period at Mondriaan ICT in The Hague I worked as an IT system engineer at Schiphol-Rijk in Amsterdam. During this period I worked with tons of Microsoft software applications and Cisco / Juniper products. I learned a lot about basic computer elements, networking implementations and how to configure SBS servers for medium and large corporations. I graduated with honors in May 2010. This brief period of four years has gave me some thoughts about how users think about computers and the way they work with them. I decided that something in my education was still missing. Why was it that users don’t seemed to work well with a variety of applications and in what way could I make them better?

With those questions in mind I decided to go for it by doing another education focused on end-users and design. During my university period at The Hague University of Applied Sciences I chose the course: Communication & Multimedia Design. This study allowed me to learn the basic foundations of design, psychology, art and persuasive technologies. During these four years I was active in doing research, gathering requirements and translate User Needs to a rich end-user application, what can also be called as a User Interface. In almost all of these majors User Interfaces were mostly created for web application purposes. When people ask what I did back then I basically just tell them that I design rich end-user applications that are fun and easy to use. I earned my Bachelor of Science in the early of 2014.

Even after eight years of studying I won’t stop there, this is just the beginning of my educational career. With seven years hands-on experience in computers and online market I want to take my education career to another level. In order to keep the technical fundamentals in place I want to earn my Masters of Science at the Technical University in Delft and perhaps one day I will end up being a doctor in computer science. Who knows what the future will bring.

Educational Career

2006 – 2010 Mondriaan ROC, The Hague. Cluster: System Engineer

2010 – 2014 The Hague University, The Hague. Cluster: Communication and Multimedia Design