About Me

Hi! I’m Joey Vos, a 37 year old User Experience specialist from The Netherlands with 12-year hands-on experience in Service and User-Centered Design.

In my daily routine I design User Interfaces that are based on objectives, a variety of internal and external stakeholders and data from user testing. These sets of (system)requirements are supported on cognitive, usability and marketing research and therefore used for creating a unique customer journey.

My mission as a UX specialist is to make complex technology accessible and easy-to-use for people. This could be a website, mobile application, home automation or interfaces used on a daily basis within various industries. My experiences throughout the years is used to translate requirements from stakeholders and transform them into stunning online concepts. With every UI created my ambition is to surpass expectations of the customer. I always want to bring my interfaces to a higher level of quality.

As a UX specialist it’s vital to understand the role(s) of people, work and desired goals. A well-balanced User Interface is about making concessions and taking the right decision people most benefit from. Think of it as a good meal: if you add to much salt the meal will be too salty and if you don’t combine to perfect ingredients or forgot to add one the meal won’t be as good as you intended to. This is bad for you as a designer as it is also bad for people that are using the product.

My Philosophy